Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This little Guy just cracks me up!

He is starting to test us, and starting to try to manipulate, and bugging his brother all day, and if he pulls on the water jug lever one more time I'm going ot scream...but this little D-Man is so stinking funny and cute. He makes us crack up every single day! He is the perfect second child in my eyes. He and Steve have a special bond and it just melts my heart. He and his brother are best friends and buddies, which includes a little fighting every now and then. I just wanted to throw this in here because today he and I had a great time together and I just remembered how much I adore my kids and cherish the one on one moments with them. He is trying harder and harder to be like Job lately...potty time, chonie time, tantrum time!!!! He copies Jobs mannerisms and's adorable!
I am praying that he will adjust well to his new little brother or sister and that he will continue to bring smiles to our faces everyday! Love you Diego!

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