Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lets Get Loud!!!!

As many of you may know, Job absolutely loves the Sea Lion show at the Zoo. And thanks to their music selection, he now loves "Lets Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez since it's the song they use in their show. So, when he say's "Lets listen to music" and we ask him what he wants to listen to....that's his request. Now Diego has also come to love it. These pictures were taken literally 5 minutes after Steve walked in the door from work. The most hilariuos part of it all....as the music is BLASTING and they are all dancing around the house Patrick, the mail man, walks up to our front door to deliver the mail. The boys yell out "mail man!" and Steve yells "What's up Patrick!" He just smiled and waved and went on his way as if it wasn't strange to see a grown man dancing with his two sons to J-Lo!. He must see some crazy things in his profession, but I'm sure this was a first for him. What I love is my husband could care less and was not embarrassed one bit.

And by the way, Steve does wear shirts...I just never seem to catch him in one! :)

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TUTU Monkey said...

Love it.....

-the shirt comment was funny too!!

Is that baby here yet??????