Monday, September 8, 2008


In my attempts to get ready for the new baby I've been organizing, cleaning and re-organizing...and.... organizing! I even re-arranged the boys bedroom today, not really sure why or if I like it. I also decided today was the day to have them nap in the same room again (which hasn't happened for awhile). Today was the first attempt and I was so excited. I put Diego down first...then Job. I told him he had to be quiet cause his brother was seemed like it was going OK so I started folding clothes in my room ( all by myself for the first time in a long time!!!) but then Job started to get up and try to open the door... 4 attempts later Diego is screaming, Job is screaming and I'm loosing my mind.

I finally put Diego in our room to finish his nap. Job came out another 3 times before falling to sleep and once he fell asleep Diego was up...AAAHHHH!

I really need them to nap in the same room so I can get things done in our bedroom and for when the newborn is sleeping in there too. So, hopefully this week will get better and it will all work out before we bring the new addition home.

Nighttime sleeping....that's a whole other issue. For some reason both boys are now waking up at they sense something is about to happen or change? Do they sense that I'm stressed too and they are feedig off that?

Whatever the reason...I'm praying it gets better and easier for all of us.

Well, I'm off to clean or organize something else....

This picture is of what Diego was doing while Job was sleeping...trying on boots and looking through his legs...whatever keeps him occupied works for me!

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